Player Profile
  Full name: Chris Maidlow
  Place of birth: Taunton, Somerset
  Date of birth: October 1986
  Height: 511
  Season debut for Stonor CC: 2010
  Nicknames: Headless
  Batting soundtrack: Knock on wood?? Lol, actually when batting? Any random song that pops into the noggin. Usually either something completely chilled out like Angeles by Elliott Smith, Kong by Bonobo, or something hyper like Mad Caddies, Catch-22... Would you like me to narrow that down to a song, not 200?
  Favourite colour: Red
  Favourite food: Slow Roasted Lamb or Fush & Chups
  Favourite drink: Disaronno
  Favourite cricket player: Marcus Edward Trescothick
  Favourite cricket county: Zuumerzet
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